Fighting Crime Bi-Weekly(*) at UTC 13:00

What is this?

Super Commander seeks to encourage participation of all players from all levels of experience and ability in 1v1’s.


Players need to connect to the patournaments room 30 minutes before start on pachat.


  • Win 3 SuperCommanders in a row -> 5€
  • Beat Leader after a 1 Week Lead -> 1€
  • Beat Leader after a 2 Week Lead -> 2€
  • Beat Leader after a 3 week Lead -> 5€

Current Leader : Oxide Ion (1 Week Lead)

At this point in time, the prize pool is wholly reliant on donations. If you would like to see this grow, you can donate directly by pming elodea on uber forums, or through a recognised caster who is covering the event. Realistically though, it will be difficult to have persistently high prize pools, so as players, keep in mind the tournament is more about having fun and meeting people than making bank.

Current Map Pool

All Uber Ranked Maps +

Author: Mod Type:
Discuss on the forums
Provided by CMM

Make sure you have updated the mappack before entering the Tournament.


Open caster policy as usual for community members who want to start developing their own content.
Caster Rules:

  • Contact PRoeleert at least one hour before start.
  • Don’t force more than 3 spectator slots
  • Don’t delay lobbystarts
  • Be nice

(*) When PRoeleert or Elodea are available
(**) Until PRoeleert’s funds dry up