In Week 2 of this series Cola_Colin unfortunately had to drop at the last moment and was unable to defend his crown. Matiz kindly stepped in and went on to defeat Godde 3 – 0 to become King Of The Planet!

In week 3 of this series, WPMarshall and [RLM] Grep will be streaming a best-of-five between King of the Planet PAG_Matiz and the challenger [RLM] Gandalf at 17:00 UTC on Saturday, 19th April.

[RLM] Gandalf has said that he will “train his *** off” this week to see if he can’t take PAG_Matiz, and that ego we all know and love, down. Can a man known for his T1 Scamper Dox swarms make his game work for the current meta and topple the king?

Godde has raised some fair points in regards to how map selection was handled and spawn fairness judged. The rules will be revisited in light of this and a final rule set is expected to be posted tomorrow.

This, and all future King of the Planet games, will be streaming on the King of the Planet channel, so make sure to follow us to get notified of when the action starts. Or if you prefer, get your notification via Twitter.

Recordings of games will be uploaded both to WPMarshall’s channel as well as the King of the Planet YouTube account, where we will be collecting all of the action.

To make sure you don’t miss any future King of the Planet games, follow us on Facebook, Google+ or the PA Tournaments Steam group where we’ll post details on any scheduled events.

The King of the Planet team hopes to see you in the stream on Saturday. Join us to cheer on your favourite, vote in increasingly ridiculous polls, watch to see what this week’s technical issues will be, check if anyone remembers which channel to arrive at, and see how WPMarshall handles commentating a game in which he isn’t in control of the camera.

It’s going to be great.