Lurking in the darkest corners of your fears are seven players whose names you dare not speak for fear of getting matched with them in a ranked game. But there is hope, for a light emerges from the qualifiers, a wildcard who will challenge them and perhaps even emerge victorious.

The Evil Twins finals are the second half of Evil Twins, following on from the qualifiers the week before.

Eight players will do battle over three rounds, a best-of-three quarter-finals, a best-of-three semi-finals, and a best-of-five finals to determine who will be remembered and who will be an also-ran. Also how much prize money they’ll score.

There are no sign ups for this half of the tournament. Seven players were invited, one wildcard will win their entry through the Evil Twins qualifier. This tournament will see the best-of-the-best clash and we invite you to come watch it all live as we stream every game for your entertainment.

See epic games of Planetary Annihilation as its best players fight for glory. No imbalanced maps, no fluke triumphs, it will be a raw skill which determines the victor, only the best among them will emerge triumphant. Will a new name be forged here, or will the old guard claim one more glory? Join us and find out.

All games will be played on ranked ladder maps, so get queuing and rack up the experience that will make the difference between victory and defeat.

Details can be found on the right (or below if you’re on mobile). Help spread the word across your social networks and let’s make this the biggest Planetary Annihilation tournament yet!

For those of you who will be watching rather than playing, or just want a memento, we’ve also got some rather nice Evil Twins merchandise in the store. Proceeds from sales are put towards tournament prizes and server hosting costs.

Planetary Annihilation Evil Twins Mug Planetary Annihilation Evil Twins T-shirt

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