Determining Placement

Your standing will be determined as follows:

  1. Wins
  2. Wins vs. tied participants
  3. Tie breaker game vs. tied player
  4. Where three or more players are tied they will be ordered by Median-Buchholz and divided into pairs by ranking. Each pair will play a tie breaker to determine their position in the order e.g. Three players are tied for 1st, the two with the highest Median-Buchholz scores play a tiebreaker, while the third player takes third place.
  5. In the event three or more players are tied and have identical Median-Buchholz scores then the prizes for the relevant positions will be pooled and divided evenly amongst the players.
  6. In the event the tiebreaker game results in a draw then the prize pool for the two positions will be combined and divided evenly between the players.

eXodus eSports reserves the right to alter these rules at any time.

Community Behaviour

  • You will not engage in hostile behaviour while interacting with the community – either in or out of game – including but not limited to:
    • Hateful messages or personal attacks toward a community member;
    • Attacks and non-constructive criticism toward a community member;
    • Use of alt accounts to perform hostile trolling of a community member;
    • Harassment or stalking of a community member;
    • Disguised taunts addressed to a community member.
  • It is forbidden to offer illegal content (videos, images, copyrighted material), pornographic or hateful images or to post any links promoting illegal activities.

General Rules

  • You will follow all instructions given by the event staff.
  • The event staffs’ decisions are final in all matters.
  • If you are unable to attend the event you should withdraw no later than 24 hours before the start time. The button for this can be found at the top-right of the tournament page when you are signed in.
  • PAStats must be installed and enabled for every game.
    • Live updates are optional.
  • You may not be in Twitch/hitbox chat while a game you are participating in is in-progress.
  • You may not setup movement queues which result in commanders continually entering and exiting orbit.


  • Arrive in PA Chat in the patournaments room no later than thirty minutes ahead of the event.
    • You must remain in PA Chat in the patournaments room throughout the duration of your participation in the event.
    • You will not be able to speak in this channel, communication with the event staff (where necessary) should occur through private chat.
  • Between games you should monitor the PA Chat patournaments room for further instructions from event staff.
  • Your in-game name and the name you are listed as playing in the tournament under must match. See the tournament description for details of how to change your eXodus name.
  • We will do our very best to accommodate any requests from you, but ensure you inform a member of event staff of any requests at the earliest opportunity.
  • In-game and lobby chat can appear on stream and should be kept positive and polite.
    • Friendly banter is acceptable.
    • When in doubt, don’t put it in chat.
  • You will be polite and courteous in all dealings with fellow players and eXodus staff.
  • Discriminatory behaviour will result in an immediate ban, including, but not limited to:
    • Homophobia
    • Transphobia
    • Misogyny/misandry
    • Racism
    • Religious bigotry
    • Hate speech


  • All games are to be played on the stable build.
  • No server mods are allowed except where explicitly stated in the tournament description.
  • All games will use Uber’s servers unless stated otherwise.
  • Games must be played on the US servers.
    • Another region may be used if all players agree to it.
  • The player/team in the top slot of the bracket will be responsible for hosting the game.
  • Lobbies should use the name format EVENT NAME – MATCH LETTER e.g. Evil Twins – K.
  • You will not start your game until informed to do so by event staff in PA Chat.
  • No spectator slots will be opened unless your game is being cast, in which case you should open two slots.
  • Games must be password protected.
    • The password for the tournament will be communicated to you by e-mail two days prior to the tournament.
  • Allow commanders to spawn anywhere will be disabled.
  • Dynamic alliances will be disabled.
  • Make spectator chat visible must be enabled if a caster is in your game.
  • The match must be held on the correct planet in System Sharing.
    • Maps will are listed above the rules and on the brackets.
    • Map names will be confirmed by event staff at the start of each round.
  • Your in-game name must match your entry in the tournament.

Technical Difficulties

  • Please consult this guidance on how to handle issues joining lobbies.
  • PA Stats will pause the game in the event that a player crashes.
    • If a player is unable to reconnect, and contact between the players has occurred, they will forfeit the game.
  • A server crash will be referred to the tournament director and a decision will be made on whether to assign a winner or rehost the game on the same map.
  • If you encounter an issue which impacts your ability to play then you should pause the game and contact the event staff.
  • All players/teams must confirm in chat that they are ready to continue before the game is unpaused.
  • We will do our very best to accommodate any issues you have with Internet access, hardware/software problems or unexpected real life events. However, if you cannot play your game at the expected time we may be forced to award you a loss.


  • If evidence of cheating is found or strongly inferred then you will likely be disqualified, your tournament winnings withheld, and you will permanently banned from all future eXodus eSports events.
    • Anything currently possible in-game which is considered an exploit will be explicitly made clear to you before the tournament.
    • The use of mods of the type “client” in Community Mods is not considered cheating.


  • All disputes must be raised with the event staff through private chat.
  • Screenshot any rule violations.
  • Do not respond directly to negative comments or make complaints public.
  • Issues with event staff should be raised with the tournament director via private chat.


  • PA Stats will determine the winner of a game.
  • Declaring “gg” in defeat must be followed by the immediate self-destruction of your commander(s).
  • Winnings will be sent within 3 days of the tournament finishing and receipt of any information necessary to facilitate this transaction.
  • Payments will be made via PayPal.
  • Any monetary payments will be made in the currency on the prize listing minus any transmission fees.
  • Any delays will be conveyed to you as soon as possible.
  • In exceptional circumstances payment may be delayed or permanently withheld to allow for allegations of rules violations to be investigated.


  • If you fail to follow one of the rules above, you will receive a written or spoken warning from a staff member of the organisation.
  • If you fail again to follow the rules after that first warning, you will receive a second warning and a temporary ban from eXodus events and tournaments.
  • If you fail again to follow the rules after that second warning, you will be banned from eXodus run or hosted events and tournaments.
  • If you are banned, depending on the gravity of your actions, it might be possible or not for you to come back. eXodus staff will decide on a case-by-case basis.


Author: Mod Type:
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Provided by CMM
  • Planetary Annihilation: TITANS
  • PA Stats Online UI mod and listed account on This is not to be confused with “PA Stats Server: Client component” or “PA Stats Server”. Please see this guide on how to properly activate this mod.

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  • eXodus eSports map pack

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  • Join the PA Chat patournaments room no later than thirty minutes ahead of the event.