Clan Wars Showdown

Planetary Annihilation is a game about clashes on an epic scale as vast armies collide on the field of battle. And what better way to show off that side of the game than shared armies, where several players operate as a single entity, lashing out on multiple fronts against their opponents.

So now we invite Clans to form 1 or multiple 4 or 5 man teams and battle it out for being the top clan.

Speak to your clan leaders and muster your forces.

If you are not in a clan but want to play, get 4 – 5 people together and show the established clans you are a force to be reckoned with.

Maps will come from mappack below

Author: Mod Type:
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Provided by CMM

Map Order :

Round 1: Marshalls Lament
Quarter finals: TWBaby
Semi finals: Bang Battle
Finals: Burnt Playground

On Friday 18:00 UTC,  sign-ups will be closed
Every team that doesn’t consist out of at least 4 members will be dropped.
Every player that hasn’t got a pastats id by then will also be dropped, again if you have issues with getting a pastats id let me know.

If you aren’t in patournaments chat at 18:00 UTC on saturday you will be dropped, not a full 4 man team, you will be dropped.
Please withdraw if you know you won’t show up.

Custom servers will be used if there are 8 or less teams, if everything goes as planned.