BB Featured

This is your chance to shine and win in a tournament with one of the best players in the world by your side. 

Big Brother is a casual 2 vs 2 tournament where platinum, uber and similar skilled players have to team up with bronze, silver, gold or similar skill. Of course if you and a friend are a bronze, silver, gold or similar skilled player you are allowed to sign up together as well. All games are played shared, so a couple of practise games in advance is advised.

Expected Runtime: 2-4 hours depending on how fast people finish their games

Since this is a swiss event it is important that you have the necessary time available. Otherwise you will not only ruin for yourself but also for whoever you are supposed to play.

Check the forums or pa-chat to find yourself a Legendary player.

– Dual lake (AndreasG 1v1 Map Pack)
– Oort system (shared default server)
– FrozenOreoYogert (Clopsey 2v2)
– Kinectics Multi v4 (AndreasG 1v1 Map Pack)
– Forgery (Clopsey 2v2)
– Moore (WPmarshall’s map pack)