Bad Bot Buddies tournament

It’s been a long time. How have you been?

eXodus eSports is proud to present Bad Bot Buddies, a 2v2 team tournament with a $200 prize pool. The winning team will walk away with $150, while second will take home $50 between them. This tournament will be a single-elimination spread over four rounds. It’s best-of-three from beginning to end, so everyone gets at least two games.

The Clopsey series has provided you with time to train, to hone your skills to a fine edge. But now it’s the big leagues. Those gimmicks you employed won’t help. That reliance on your opponents being bumpkins isn’t enough. It’s time to take the ball gag by the teeth and prepare because this time it’s for realsies. Does anyone really want to see team Pizza Money waste the prize on subar fake italian products again?

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Can I sign up to play?

You certainly can. Look for the sign-up button on the sidebar. Make sure to check out the rules and requirements. Additional information will be sent to your e-mail account as we approach the big day, so be sure to use an account you check.

What if I’m in the reserves?

We have a cap on the number of participants in any tournament so as to keep it manageable. However, for every event we run there are always people who don’t show up; even if you’re in the reserves now the chances are very good that you’ll get a chance to play. Just show up on the day (at least thirty minutes before we start) and we’ll put you in the place of anyone who didn’t turn up.

If you’re not happy being a reserve then we ask that you withdraw as reserves are expected to turn up on the day.

How can I watch this?

Not feeling up for the challenge but still want to see the action? Links to any streams can be found in the sidebar. The homepage of eXodus eSports also switches over to the livestream for our events.

How can I change my name?

If you need to change your name at any point you can do so as follows:

  1. Log in to your eXodus account
  2. Mouse over your name in the top right and choose Edit My Profile
  3. Select Player Profile from the list on the left
  4. Change your name
  5. Click the update button

How can I withdraw?

So you signed up but life has had its way with you and you can no longer make it? No worries, thanks for taking the time to let us know, we appreciate it!

To withdraw simply make sure you’re logged in on your eXodus account. You should see a withdraw button in the right-hand column where the sign-up button used to be. If you can’t find it, or are having problems withdrawing, then get in contact.

You must withdraw at least 24 hours before the tournament starts.

How do I know when the tournament starts?

Install the eXodus eSports mod to get a countdown to the event in-game. Don’t get caught out! There’s also a countdown in the sidebar on this page, and if you click the time and date beneath it it will be converted to your local date and time.

Don’t forget to arrive at least thirty minutes early for the tournament.

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