Hello and welcome to the most casual tournament in the history of humans (except for the two previous)! Sign-up if you want to participate in a fun event filled with amazing people. Feel free to join the event in any way or form you like. I hope to see as many players as possible in RLM TeamSpeak ( where we are going to hang out, trash talk and have fun. No skill requirements to join, just come as you are. New players are definitely welcome. I advise you to bring your friends, family and relatives cuz this is going to be good (I’ve heard qzipco has already made sure his mum can watch and AdmiralGeneral has invited the whole family on a tv night)

Can you challenge the routined nerds that dominate the competitive scene or are you going to give them the finger and show them what some real fun looks like? It is completely up to you. No prizes are given out as this is a casual event meant to have fun. I will title one of the participants with the Most Casual Player Of The Month.

(*)If we have enough bronze-gold players joining we will host a separate bracket for them that run parallel to the one for platinum-uber. I therefore advise you to bring the word around that this event is taking place so we can make that happen!!

Expected Runtime: 2 – 4 hours (depending on players)

Read Rules and Requirements please, also show up 20 minutes before start in patournaments in pachat.

Matches will take place on maps from following mappack that you can find in PAMM UI Mods :
– Andreas G 1v1 MapPack
– Alphas Map Pack

Author: Mod Type:
Discuss on the forums
Provided by CMM

Author: Mod Type:
Discuss on the forums
Provided by CMM

1.TheClassyBarren (AndreasG 1v1 Pack)
2.Hades (AndreasG 1v1 Pack)
3.OvercookedPizza (AndreasG 1v1 Pack)
4.TheWall (AndreasG 1v1 Pack)
5.Tundra (AndreasG 1v1 Pack)
6.T- Insanateria (Alphas Mappack)
7.ColdFeets (AndreasG 1v1 Pack)
8.Venetzia (AndreasG 1v1 Pack)
9.TropicanHoneyDonut (AndreasG 1v1 Pack)