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Uber Entertainment setup a large booth at PAX Prime dedicated to showcasing Planetary Annihilation through 3v3 games. ZaphodX was our man on the ground, casting live games on behalf of Uber Entertainment and uploading videos of his experience. Below are his vlogs, interviews and VODs of games he cast while there, as well as some from WPMarshall.



ZaphodX arrives for dinner and tours the booth

Fresh from the small island nation of Britain, ZaphodX lands in the US with TheWrongCat and WPMarshall to cast games at PAX Prime for Uber Entertainment.

He gives us a tour of the Uber booth and shows us around the prime bit of real estate it occupies. Just listen to the excitement in his voice, it’s adorable. He clearly can’t believe his luck, and it’s safe to say the rest of us at eXodus eSports are incredibly jealous.

Touring PAX Prime

Didn’t make it to PAX Prime? Not to worry, ZaphodX gives us a tour of the area before the crowds make their way inside. Warning: contains shaky cam and hints of incredibly cool games you wish you’d got a chance to play.


All good things must come to an end

With PAX over, ZaphodX, TheWrongCat and WPMarshall reflect on the great time they’ve had with Uber and at PAX Prime 2014, the lucky, lucky devils.


And so it begins

The first game of PAX starts out small with a mere two planets. It’s developers (blue) vs. fans (orange).

Commentary: ZaphodX & metabolical

You want orbital? We got orbital

ZaphodX and WPMarhall cast some dev on dev action in one of the best games of Planetary Annihilation yet.

Commentary: ZaphodX & WPMarshall

ZaphodX and Brad Nicholson sitting in a tree

WPMarshall and TheWrongCat sit in judgement as Brad Nicholson, Uber’s Community Manager, and ZaphodX put aside their trash talking to play together for the first time. Joined by Uber’s CTO, Jon Mavor, can they work as a team to claim victory, or will Brad just go YOLO?

Commentary: WPMarshall & TheWrongCat

A whole lot of awesome

Witness some incredibly tense back-and-forth fighting over the PAX moon.

Commentary: ZaphodX & WPMarshall

Fans vs. devs redux

It’s time once more for the fans to get an opportunity to show the devs up at their own game. And is that fighting in the water I see?

Commentary: WPMarshall & Sorian

A clash of philosophies

Economy boom faces off against raw aggression.

Commentary: WPMarshall & ZaphodX


It’s air vs. land as blue and orange do battle once more in the PAX system.

Commentary: WPMarshall & Sorian

Quality vs. numbers

Can an early tech rush defeat a larger planetary empire?

Commentary: WPMarshall & Sorian

Not this time superweapons

Sometimes superweapons aren’t going to get the job done as we see in this epic confrontation.

Commentary: WPMarshall & ZaphodX

Uber Interviews

Varrak – Principal Graphics Engineer

Location:Washington State, USA
Occupation:Graphics Engineer and Prima-Donna

Steve (Varrak) Smith’s Ramblings

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Howard Mostrom – Audio Director

Composed the score for Planetary Annihilation.

Howard Mostrom’s Site

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Steve Thompson – Art Director

Talking about the Kickstarter trailer and how the look of the game came about.