We’ve launched a new homepage!

Many people, including us, weren’t happy with the original homepage of eXodus. It didn’t really show you what we had to offer.

Well, we’ve just launched a new homepage which we think much better exposes that. You can more easily see what events have been happening, what the latest matches are, what event is coming up next.¬†There’s even a whole new videos page to let you get straight at the caster content or some of the POV videos we’ve been adding.

And if you weren’t aware, we recently added player profile pages. By clicking on a player name in any match you can now check which events and matches a player has been in, along with a few key stats that let you know how they stack up. And if you’re a listed player with an account you can update your own profile information and avatar.

We’ve still got more planned, more and better stats, more events, more guides, better handling of multiple videos for one match, and much more. This is just the beginning of a long journey for us.

We’d very much welcome you letting us know what you think!

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