Upcoming changes and a new PTE launching today (UPDATE: now live)

  • Date: 9th January, 2015
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We have it straight from the horse’s mouth, the latest changes coming to Planetary Annihilation.┬áThese will all be in the next PTE which is expected to launch today. For those not familiar with the PTE, this is the Player Test Environment where you get a chance to try out all the upcoming changes and provide feedback to Uber prior to them being integrated into the live build.

You can switch to PTE either by selecting it in the Uber launcher or opting-in to the PTE beta on Steam. Note that not every PTE is released on Steam.


  • Current game list should have improved responsiveness (changed games list to make use of compression to reduce bandwidth requirements).
  • Improved server browser behavior (sorting is now by time arrived instead of by game name)
  • Adjusted start position for Unit Cannon so it looks right
  • Umbrella adjusted for visual improvements
  • New icons for nuke and anti-nuke ammo to reflect current color scheme
  • Naval Umbrella redesigned to better match visuals of land version
  • Art pass for Holkins (land and naval)
  • New build bar icon for Holkins to match new look
  • Server backend perf tweaks
  • Improved support for non English alphabets in directory names
  • Improvements on path handling overall
  • Crash logging improvements
  • Fixed a bug on player surrender
  • AI fabbers will now try to avoid building where they are standing (should fix long delay for AI to start doing stuff at start of game)
  • Neural net data updated
  • AI will prioritize areas where a commander is present
  • Nav crash fix
  • AI fix for building too many fabbers
  • AI now anticipates upcoming economy income for area builds
  • AI should expand faster
  • AI will no longer believe Dox can attack while underwater
  • Minor changes on how AI prioritizes planets
  • Added stuck detection fro AI platoons attempting to use a teleporter
  • AI now will use “Feeder Planets” when available to safely store units and feed them into more dangerous zones of battle
  • Layout polish on Kickstarter dialog
  • Recent contacts in chat list are now sortable
  • If player is inactive for 7 or more days, you will no longer show up on Leaderboards
    • Won’t take effect until the build is pushed to live

Further balance changes should also be arriving next week, this is expected to include some changes to the T1 economy. Jables has also hinted at a larger update arriving later this month, but no word on what it is yet.

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