Uber teases ranked gameplay in the ramp up to King of the Planet 10 [UPDATED]

Earlier in the week Uber’s Director of Production teased this image.

Planetary Annihilation teaser

Speculation ran rampant, but generally it was agreed that this represented the first indications of the promised “competitive update”. And it seems we were right! Jables has followed up with a further post, stating that Uber are aiming to go live with this on the 31st October (pacific time zone). Of course, that’s not a guarantee, just what they’re aiming for right now.

A system for 1v1, it will be split into bronze, silver, gold, platinum and diamond rankings. It doesn’t appear that they’ll be any kind of leaderboard at first, just the rankings, but this is simply the beginning of a larger project. There’s no mention of matchmaking at this time, but one step at a time. UPDATE: Jables has confirmed that matchmaking will be in the initial release. The map pool will initially consist of Uber made maps, but they hope to include community ones later.

Also, in case you hadn’t noticed, King of the Planet 10 is happening this weekend. Check it out. Soon you’ll be able to see how you compare to the king.

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