It’s time for a Clopsey!

Clopsey PRO-AM

Who doesn’t love a Clopsey? It’s messy, it’s disorganised, the host hasn’t always shown up, but one thing is guaranteed: it’ll be lots of fun.

Bored, and clearly trolling his PAG teammate Matiz who cried out for a 1v1 tournament, Clopse has announced his intention to hold the 2v2 tournament Clopsey PRO-AM this Saturday with a 20 euro prize for the winner. Sign ups are open right now, and for those without a partner there’s a forum thread where you can meet other people in the same situation.

There’s only one twist on the standard rules: individuals who have been in the Uber top 10 may not team up with other individuals who have been in the Uber top 10.

And that’s it! So sign up for a great time, or join one of the casters live to watch all the action. Nothing makes Planetary Annihilation shine like shared armies.

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