Three Tournaments Open For Sign-Up

Three, yep you read it right, three tournaments are currently open for sign-ups.

AndreasG Casual Logo

This Saturday we have AndreasG Casual, a tournament designed to cater to lower skill levels. It’s 1v1, but double-elimination. If there are enough sign-ups there’ll be a special bronze to gold bracket. There’s even a TeamSpeak server for people to sign into and it’s intended to be as casual a tournament as it’s possible to hold.

Super Commander Weekly Featured

Then the following week we have Weekly 14 of the long running SuperCommander series. Again, this is 1v1 but single-elimination and is intended to separate the best from the rest. Our very own King of the Planet Oxide Ion has been dominating this contest, but is the week he’ll be defeated?

Clan Wars Showdown 2Finally on the 23rd April we have Clan Wars Showdown 2. It’s been a year since the last one, but the scene is more active than ever and it’s time to sort out once more who’s the most organised, disciplined and generally skilled clan around. Without any cap on the number of teams a clan can field anyone interested can play.

It’s a great time for Planetary Annihilation TITANS and there’s something for everyone here. We hope to see you in one of them.

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