Steam Daily Deal defeats King of the Planet 7

It was the first multi-planet King of the Planet. It was the first King of the Planet to have three casters. I think everyone could agree it was probably the most amusing King of the Planet yet. King PAG_Matiz and Uber’s Community Manager bradnicholson, the self-declared best player the game has ever seen, squared off for the crown, but neither could defeat the might of the Steam daily deal which brought the event to a premature close when Ubernet could no longer cope with the demand and failed to spawn additional lobbies.

PAG_Matiz managed to hold onto his crown in a 2-0 victory, with the third game resulting in our first ever draw as the king teleported his commander onto the planet which he was smashing a moon into. A fabulous way to bring the event to a close.

We were very happy with the way multi-planetary systems panned out and the confusion it brought for at least one of our players. It hasn’t been a big element of 1v1 play, but hopefully that will begin to change. Expect to see it return.

Another challenger is already lined up, so expect an announcement soon and join us for more exciting King of the Planet!

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