Release Build 80187 – Galactic War saves and AI improvements

Following on from the initial release of save/load last month comes the latest Planetary Annihilation patch from Uber Entertainment. Less dramatic this time, with only a minor balance tweak. Instead the focus is on implementing save/load in Galactic War, so if you’re in the middle of a fight for the death you no longer have to restart it just because your kids woke up. There are also some AI improvements in this release too, along with neural net updates so it properly compensates for things like changes to the ways bombers drop bombs.

Some additional changes from the PTE, such as new maps, didn’t make it into release. The expectation is they will remain in PTE and be subject to further testing.

Any feedback on this release should be left for Uber in this thread.



  • Build Arm Energy Demand decreased to 1750 from 2000


  • Updated AI neural net data
  • AI pathing improvements
  • Updated AI land neural net data
  • Updated AI air neural net data
  • Fix to how AI expands to other planets
  • Fix for AI build items that do not require either energy or metal
  • Fix for AI economy calculation with teleporters


  • General unit pathing improvements


  • Local Galactic War save/load (first pass, will only work on local games, not playfab)

Planetary Annihilation PTE 80155

  1. During a Galactic War planetary battle press ESC to bring up menu options
  2. Select Save Game (Beta) and Yes to save game
  3. Select Quit to surrender and exit to the desktop (Abandon War will not keep the save game)
  4. When you return to Galactic War, your game will be listed under the Active Wars tab
  5. Select your game and Go To War
  6. An option to either Restart or Continue your saved game will be available​


  • Fix for known Galactic War issue: lost connection to server
  • Fix for chronocam vision after game has ended
  • Fix for save game filenames
  • Fix dynamic alliance
  • Fix for units not being able to assist factories building submarines

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