Ranked play is live in stable release 74484

Uber have released build 74484. There are new custom commanders, modded games are displayed by default, but most importantly, ranked 1v1 matchmaking is now in the game. There were some initial hiccups, but they’ve now been resolved so get online and start matchmaking. I’ll see you in bronze!


  • Ranked with Matchmaking!
  • 1v1 ranked lobbies
  • Matchmaking
    • Unranked badge for use during preliminary matches
    • After 5 games, Ranks: Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Uber (with unique badges for each)

Planetary Annihilation Uber Matchmaking Ladder Ranking

  • New UI flow to support Ranked gameplay
  • Improved region selection dialog
  • 4 new Custom Commanders
  • Following are newly available for purchase
    • Chronoblip
    • Diremachine
    • Stickman9000

Stickman Diremachine Chronoblip


  • Server Browser shows modded as well as unmodded games by default
  • System import/export (save and load systems that others have created, allowing sharing)
  • Added tabs and work on redesign of System Editor
  • ChronoCam Time bar alerts now use team color when available
  • Added missing loc throughout the UI (still work in progress)
  • Metal planet pole cap and platform mapping improvements
  • Custom Commander texture work for one of our not for sale commanders


  • Bugfix that was causing servers to hang
  • Random bug fixes for perf and crashing
  • Toggling fullscreen via alt+enter now correctly updates the full screen setting
  • A number of additional server crash fixes
  • Update to localization tags that were showing up
  • Fix for building MEXs over MEXs
  • Fixed the matchmaking bug. 74525 is live. :) enjoy!

Known issues

  • Rank updates can take a bit to update
  • There is no notification sound if you happened to be tabbed away when game is ready
  • Will be doing a pass on systems being used for 1v1

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