PTE 94533 released

  • Date: 20th May, 2016
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I’m sure I’m not alone in being excited for the PTE patch to hit stable and for all Planetary Annihilation players to benefit from its changes. However, it’s not quite ready. But that’s OK because the latest batch of changes have just been released and they include some rather essential fixes, including one for the long standing issue of the last slot in a lobby becoming broken.

Full changelog is below. The patch notes are also available on Uber’s forum. This patch builds on the changes introduced in PTE 94243 and PTE 94157

Reworked uploading of server mods and added server browser hook

  • moved uploading of server mods by host into connect_to_game which fixes many issues with the new game lobby loading without server mods ready and the freezes while server mods are uploading and remounting
  • added needsServerModsUpload for hosts starting a game or joining a waiting custom server
  • added serverModsUploading while uploading and remounting server mods
  • changed server_state handler to upload server mods if needed before redirecting to new_game
  • added mount_mod_file_data handler to remount server mods once uploaded then redirect to new_game
  • added hook for community mods to server_browser.js (will be used to show missing companion mods prior to joining or spectating games)

Fixed game over server freeze while writing replay

  •  fixed server mods not mounted by client in replays
  • added downloading_mod_data client message once replay file is loaded
  • added client.downloadModsFromServer once replay file is loaded
  • fixed server freeze 30 seconds after game over while replay is being written which prevents chat, stats, review, etc
  • removed writing of replay after 30 seconds
  • added REPLAY_TIMEOUT defaulting to 10 minutes to main
  • added –replay-timeout command line option to set REPLAY_TIMEOUT on custom servers
  • added write replay after REPLAY_TIMEOUT seconds even if all clients not disconnected (allows enough time for chat, stats, review, etc)
  • added REPLAY_FILENAME with default of empty for Uber servers
  • added –replay-filename command line option to set REPLAY_FILENAME on custom and local servers
  • changed game_over to use REPLAY_FILENAME if provided
  • added UTCTIMESTAMP option for REPLAY_FILENAME to automatically name replays on custom servers

Fixes for landing crash and can’t join game with revised colour table (work in progress)

  •  Fixed long standing can’t join game with empty slots issue caused by ubernet player disconnecting from lobby without leaving and calling removePlayerFromGame.
  • Added disconnected to removePlayer.
  • Added remove_disconnected_player message for host with ticket of player to be removed from game.
  • Revised colour table (work in progress).
  • Added helpers getRandomSecondaryColorIndexFor and self.getNextSecondaryColorIndexFor to colour manager.
  • Fixed null secondary colour in setPrimaryColorIndex with different numbers of secondary colours per primary colour and secondary colour no longer valid.
  • Changed setPrimaryColorIndex to use getRandomSecondaryColorIndexFor helper if secondary colour no longer valid.
  • Added mod_identifiers to ladder beacon.

Fixes for can’t join last game, empty systems and copyright info / layout.

  •  Fixed long standing can’t join game with empty slots issue caused by ubernet player disconnecting from lobby without leaving and calling removePlayerFromGame.
  • Added remove_disconnected_player handler which calls removePlayerFromGame for disconnected player in lobby.
  • Fixed buildVersion not in new_game model.
  • Updated copyright in start to include full time period and rights for Uber.
  • Tweaked start layout of copyright, watermarks and view intro button.
  • Added save to storage extenders.

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