PTE 94243 launches with further modding and game enhancements

  • Date: 2nd May, 2016
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The PTE (public test environment) has been updated once more and comes with a lot of low level updates. If you’re a modder then this is all very exciting, and if you’re not then this means you can expect cooler mods in the future. Even if you don’t use mods a lot of the updates will help produce a better game experience for you.

Highlights in this PTE are fixes for the issues that plagued Linux users in the initial PTE, as well as support for custom Commanders. Yep, modders can now add new Commanders for you.

This is the beginning of a longer journey, but try out the PTE and we think you’ll agree it’s a huge improvement. Not sure how to load a PTE? Check out our guide on getting the PTE.

Custom servers and lobby chat history

  • added lobby chat history so hosts never lose messages when selecting system and new players joining lobby see recent chat history with MAX_LOBBY_CHAT_HISTORY of 100
  • added support for custom JSON messages in new lobby (will also add to playing)
  • added DEFAULT_LOBBY_NAME command line option
  • added DEFAULT_GAME_TYPE command line option
  • added some getMods helpers to server_utils
  • changed lobby beacon to use getModsForBeacon helper
  • changed empty beacon to use getModsForBeacon helper
  • added downloading_mod_data client message using getModsPayload helper
  • changed mount_mod_file_data to return mods using getModsPayload helper
  • added some uberId support for custom servers (work in progress)

Custom commanders in server mods

  • added custom commander support for server mods via commander_list.json and unit_list.json (both will be managed files in a future update to community mods)
  • changed commander utility to allow updates from server mods
  • added update of commanders in new game lobby when server mods are mounted
  • added update of commanders in new game cinematic when server mods are mounted

Connect to game

  • added downloading server mods message

New game lobby

  • added lobby chat history so hosts never lose messages when selecting system and new players joining lobby see recent chat history
  • changed gameType to use session (will now remember last selection)
  • added server mods status for hosts (uploading/downloading/mounting)
  • improved UI display of server mods and cheats (first pass)
  • added server mod description tooltips
  • deprecated combined updateActiveModAndCheatText
  • added updateMountedServerMods which is only called when changed
  • added updateActiveCheatText (may change to allow tooltips)
  • added setupAISkirmish for mods
  • replaced handleAISkirmishInitRule and exposed as checkAISkirmish for mods
  • added buildVersion
  • added isLocalGame, serverType and serverSetup from connect_to_game
  • added gameModIdentifiers set in connect_to_game from beacons, invites, etc which UI mods can use to determine what server mods will be mounted
  • added serverMods with the full modinfo from engine
  • added localChatMessage for mods
  • added mods message type
  • added serverModsState and serverModsStatus for upload / download / mount status for hosts and mods
  • added registerJsonMessageHandler and unregisterJsonMessageHandler for mods to send custom JSON messages via server
  • added registerHoldReady and unregisterHoldReady for mods to prevent ready
  • changed aiPersonalities to observable (breaking change and already handled by Queller AI)-

Live game chat

  • added spectator label for spectator only chat (first pass)
    added check to prevent sending empty invalid chat messages


  • changed api.mods.getMounted to return array (breaking change from previous PTE)
  • changed api.mods.publishServerMods to return a promise
  • changed api.mods.sendModFileDataToServer to return a promise
  • changed api.mods.mountModFileData to return a promise


  • fixed annoying white flash in player guide
  • improved tooltip visibility with an arrow you can actually see
  • changed gameModIdentifiers to observableArray

Bugfixes/polish items:

  • Fix for startup crash on Linux related to file case issues.

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