PTE 94157 released featuring built-in mod manager

We have a guide on how to install a PTE version of Planetary Annihilation before it receives wider release.

It has been a while since the last Planetary Annihilation update, but Uber, eXodus eSports member mikeyh and wondible have been quietly working away in the background to prepare this new release. And what a release, featuring one of the most requested features by the community: an integrated mod manager. No longer will mods be tucked away in PA Mod Manager (PAMM), known only to a sub-section of the community. Finally they’re front-and-centre, having an equal position on the main menu with everything else.

Planetary Annihilation TITANS PTE 94132 Community Mods

This also brings other benefits, the biggest of which is auto-updating. No need to ensure you have the latest and greatest, the game does all that for you now.

So grab the PTE and check out this new feature, along with the other tweaks, bug fixes and performance improvements it brings. Just make sure to uninstall your mods in PAMM first, then reinstall them via the Community Mods section. If you encounter any bugs or other issues you first stop should be the PA Support Wiki.

The full release notes are below.

Community Mods in game mod manager

No external application required.

  • added community mods in game mod manager to start menu
  • added auto updating of mods
  • added dependency tracking to automatically enable and disable dependency mods
  • replaces PAMM (PA Mod Manager) external application

Custom Server support

No mods required.

  • added game server browser support for hosting, joining and spectating custom server games
  • added game invite support for custom servers
  • added game configuration in new game support for custom servers
  • added reconnect support for custom servers to start menu
  • custom servers now advertise max players and max spectators


Applies to Uber and custom servers:

  • added metalClusters, metalDensity, landing_zones_count, metal_spots_count and planetCSG_count to game beacons and system info
  • added support for 32 colours (based on burntcustard 32 colour table)
  • added support for custom commanders
  • added support for selecting of AI commander
  • added server mod identifiers to game beacons
  • added support for custom servers to advertise max players and max spectators in game config beacons
  • added –max-players and –max-spectators command line options
  • added –server-password command line options for custom servers



  • added game info to session, connect_to_game and various scenes:
    • serverType / game_server_type (local|uber|custom)
    • serverSetup / game_server_setup (game|replay|loadsave)
    • gameType / game_type (Galactic War|Ladder1v1|FFA|TeamArmies)
    • gameModIdentifiers / game_mod_identifiers (work in progress)
  • deprecated joinLocalServer / join_local_server in preference to isLocalGame / is_local_game
  • changed isLocalGame to use the same is_local_game session key everywhere
  • changed join_lobby helper to use isLocalGame
  • updated to latest knockoutjs 3.4

new game

  • added support for model.send_message(‘set_ai_commander’, {id: model.playerId(), commander: commanderSpecString});
  • fixed empty spectators (playersWithoutArmies)
  • added spectatorCount
  • added emptySpectatorSlots
  • added serverModsUpdated
  • added serverModsLoaded

live game

  • exposed listen_to_spectators in GameOptionModel
  • fixed lobbyId not set

build bar

  • improved modability of build bar (wondible)

icon atlas / strategic icons

  • added engine support for server mods and reloading (Uber)


  • updated to latest strophe


  • added for community mods manager (Uber)
  • added api.file.list for community mods manager (Uber)
  • added for community mods manager (Uber)
  • added api.memory.remount for community mods manager (Uber)
  • added api.mods.getMounted (Uber)
  • deprecated api.mods.getMountedMods (Uber)


  • implemented watcher support for OS X / linux
  • implemented memory mounted shader reloading


game server browser

  • added saving of game server browser filters with reset filters button

galactic war

  • changed default save name to include time

live game

  • changed default save name to include time
  • changed global spectator chat default to team chat


  • added searching by display name
  • added lobby status to game invites
  • added cancelling of game invites if full or inviter leaves lobby
  • improved reconnect handling



  • fixed windows laptops with AMD GPUs to always use discrete (Uber)
  • fixed negative output of dither in HDR compose pass… should fix crash on Intel 5xx GPUs (Uber)


  • fixed windows 10 audio issues with updated FMOD (Uber)


  • fixed display names not updating
  • fixed buy missing content dialog description when a classic player is invited to a titans game
  • fixed a long standing issue where a network / data issue or reloading the uberbar reset the user tag map and killed friends list
  • fixed the ubernet extender to not lose data or use bad data from playfab or local storage
  • fixed the ubernet extender to correctly check previous and not update on refresh
  • fixed long standing issue with large user tag and id to interaction time maps (based on optimise user tag map)
  • fixed a long standing issue where idToJabberPresenceTypeMap and idToJabberPresenceStatusMap were not written to session storage
  • fixed long standing issue where searches of existing friends add duplicates to friends list
  • fixed invites to private games
  • fixed long standing issue where previously accepted game invite fails then later invite from same person teleports you into new game without confirmation

new game

  • fixed game password lost after refresh, selecting system, settings, etc

live game

  • fixed alt-tab back to PA then backspace with chat window open triggering window back then reload or connecting to server

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