PTE 87224 available with save/load fixes

  • Date: 9th September, 2015
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Ahead of the expected release of the PTE into stable today comes this minor update for PTE 87070 which resolves the issue of handling Classic and Titans saves in a single interface.

The official thread for classic is here, and titans is here. If you’re not sure how to run the PTE version then please check out our guide.


  • Fix for loading classic saved games
    • The saved games browser will now show saved games for both classic and titans, regardless of current mode.
    • Titans saved games will be marked with an indicator.
    • If you attempt to load a game that doesn’t match your current mode, you will be prompted to switch to that mode.
    • The main menu ‘load latest save button’ will not show a save if you would have to switch modes to load it.

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