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Its been over a week since PTE 84260 came out, but it appears Uber have been busy. AMD owners will be pleased to see that a possible fix for the AMD brightness bug has been implemented. For those who favour Galactic War, the multi-planet systems are back for those of you who have upped the difficulty. The AI has been further tuned and improved its orbital game, as well as a bug fix that will allow the vanilla AI and Queller to play alongside one another. And let’s not forget even more adjustments to the APIs for modders.

So, a lot of little things in this PTE, but they all add up to something big, and there’s a lot of fixes for niggly issues that have been outstanding. Make sure to provide your feedback in the official thread.

If you partaking in Mystery Mayhem then be aware this PTE will likely hit stable ahead of that tournament so you might want to give it a try.

Not sure what a PTE is or how to play it? Check out our guide to PTE. It’s where you’ll find all the latest features, and right now it’s the only place to play with asteroids.


  • AI unit cap no longer affects Nukes and Anti-Nukes
  • Fix for an issue where the AI would not fire nukes in mutli-planet games
  • Fix for an issue where the AI would send an orbital radar to another planet and it sits there doing nothing
  • More fixes to the AI platoon distance calculation
  • Fix for the bug where the AI sometimes would build Nukes/Anti-Nukes and then not have them ever build anything
  • Minor AI econ balance change
  • Fix for AI personality_tags having no effect
  • AI should expand to other planets a bit faster
  • AI will build more ion cannons
  • Fix for crash in AI if a transport died immediately after unloading a unit
  • AI can build Ion Cannons with advanced fabbers
  • Improved the AI’s orbital game a bit
  • AI perf improvements
  • AI will let its metal storage fill up a bit more before using the wasting metal build items


  • Restore the display of Kickstarter backer names in the Armory
  • Fix preferred commander tile state in Armory


  • Disabled the “play from here” button when it would end up before commanders have landed

Galactic War

  • Fix for GW battles with multiple commanders after save/load/resume
  • Fix for GW systems not spawning the correct type of systems on harder difficulties
  • Fix the Revenants minions so they work like everyone else


  • Fix for AMD/ATI brightness bug
    • Trades brightness for banding
    • Use –gl-force-mrt-srgb-capable on the command line to turn this behavior back off
    • It is still uncertain whether this is a driver bug or a pipeline configuration bug. It appears that there is some state that leads to improper blending occurring while filling the diffuse colors in the g-buffer.
  • Fix for beam particles sometimes not rendering
  • Fix for particle emitters with the same shader and texture but different facings sometimes not respecting the facing setting


  • Fix for an issue where ranked matchmaking was not matching people properly
  • Fix for an issue where players could not pick their commanders in ranked matches


  • Fix the documentation of the world-space order schema
  • Added WorldView.fixupBuildLocations
    • Performs a build placement test, including snapping & etc as appropriate
    • Fixes the units list in various WorldView.sendOrder commands
  • Changed the schema of holodeck raycast call results to include the currently focused planet
  • Added Holodeck.focusedPlanet() function call, which returns the currently focused planet
  • Fix for the misspelling of “maneuver” that was prevalent in the codebase
    • In WorldView.sendOrder, removed the requirement on location for non-location commands
    • Added valid stance value documentation for the WorldView.sendOrder


  • Saving the game is no longer enabled during landing & game over states
  • Fix an issue where the last GW save would not appear in the continue last game spot when you complete a battle and return to main menu
  • Fix a server crash when rewinding the game and then saving

System Editor

  • Fix the sliders in the system editor
  • Fix a bug where the metal planet’s radius could be set lower than the minimum
  • Fix an issue where a twin CSG could get left behind in the system editor and the user could not delete it


  • Increased the spawn times of asteroids on Medea system


  • Minor physics perf improvement


  • Fix for overlapping controls (add slot, tag, and privacy controls) in minimum resolution
  • Fix for game stats and pause screens constantly updating in the background. Significantly improves UI responsiveness
  • Show that a game is sandbox in server browser
  • Interplanetary transport notifications including visible enemy commanders
  • If the UI is hidden when the game ends, it will be shown. The UI can be hidden again once the panel is closed (by entering review mode)
  • Coherent crashes that would leave the UI in a non-responsive state now refresh the crashing panel
    • Includes a 30-second cooldown to avoid infinite refreshes.
    • The exception dialog will still show up, if one would be triggered.
  • Ensure that correct commander image is loaded on the Start page


  • Fix for a possible divide by zero in physics
  • Fix the autoscroll handler
  • Fix the start screen music not playing
  • Teleporter (A) now sends a new “Linked” UnitEvent which is processed through the watch list and handled by audio.js
  • Fix for a crash that occurred on some machines when you open chronocam
  • Remove console log spam
  • Removed a redundant biomes list
  • Fix a bug where nukes couldn’t fire after targeting a gas giant
  • Fix for an issue where Mac users would not get build orders on their factory when choosing specific factions

Community Discoveries

Thanks as ever to wondible.

  • Halley is no longer an ‘orbital’ unit
  • and hideUI
  • cursor_atlas.html removed. There goes a mod idea, but hey, one less coherent process.
  • Legacy galactic war files removed
  • ‘blank’ template scene removed
  • a several fonts and (older version?) js libraries removed
  • some derelict files removed (single ai files, common.js, catalogs)

Known Issues

  • When a player disconnects from a Ranked game, their opponent is not notified that the game is paused due to a disconnect.

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