PTE 79020 – the one with the wall nerf

  • Date: 5th March, 2015
  • Category: PTE
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With PTE expected to go to stable “in mid-March” you’re reaching the end of your opportunities to provide feedback. Following on from PTE 78886 comes the latest PTE with a further nerf to walls. As ever, if you want to try out the PTE check out our guide on how to install it.



  • Metal Cost increased to 40 from 35
  • Health decreased to 4000 from 5000
  • Atrophy Cooldown decreased to 0.5 from 15.0

Orbital Factory

  • Health decreased to 9,000 from 15,000

Orbital Mining Platform (Jig)

  • Nuke Radius increased to 250 from 230
  • Area Build Separation increased to 100 from 50


  • Adjustments to how AI prioritizes based on planet resources


  • Fixed issues of Assisting/Repairing failing (most commonly seen from Factories with Patrol not having fabbers it built assist it)
  • Fixed for units under construction by orbital factory moving when factory is being assisted by orbital fabbers
  • Fix for rare cases where units would not fire
  • Fix for a few coherent crashes
  • Fix for missing vision on reconnect
  • Beta tag added to Save/Load buttons on the main menu

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