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  • Date: 3rd March, 2015
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Hot on the heels of PTE 78783 is the latest in Uber’s balance experiments and save/load testing. This is “the one with the radar changes”. There are of course plenty of fixes for the save/load system too.

If you want to help test but don’t know how then check our PTE guide. And, as ever, leave your feedback from Uber in the official thread.


Orbital Deepspace Radar

  • Metal Cost increased to 600 from 300
  • Celestial Observers now give system-wide orbital radar coverage as opposed to system-wide orbital sight coverage.

Orbital Fabricator

  • Can now reclaim features and wreckage
  • Can now assist and repair units and structures in the orbital layer.
  • Can now assist and repair teleporters.

Air Scout (Firefly)

  • Sight Range increased to 300 from 200


  • Radar Range increased to 500 from 400
  • Orbital Sight increased to 600 from 500

Advanced Radar

  • Radar Range increased to 1000 from 800
  • Orbital Sight increased to 1200 from 1000


  • Fix for build orders not loading (not factory queues, but actual build orders like from Commander or Fabber)
  • Fix for weird floating units after load
  • Annihilazer should now load correctly (unless it’s mid-fire, you will need to fire it again in that case
  • Craters now load correctly
  • Alliances restored during save/load
    • Loaded games don’t end properly when allied victory is true (upcoming)
  • Fix for game not ending correctly after load


  • SimWeapon will no longer try to use the previous pitch when finding a firing angle.
  • Credits system added for our writer
  • Coherent fix for crashes
  • Fix for a crash during shutdown

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