PTE 78737 where Dox get slower (UPDATE: PTE 78783)

  • Date: 27th February, 2015
  • Category: PTE
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Following on from PTE 78679 comes further balance changes, this time to the bot side of the equation. It also has a number of optimisations and crash fixes. Feedback for Uber should be left in this thread.

If you’re not sure how to install a PTE then refer to our eXodus explains guide.


Assault Bot (Dox)

  • Move Speed decreased to 17 from 20

Boom Bot

  • Damage decreased to 600 from 700


  • AI unit cap is now adjustable via the ai_config file


  • Units falling behind the group will now pathfind much better


  • First pass for Save/Load to work on PlayFab servers (allows remote saves instead of just local)
  • Online (PlayFab) save games are found under Replays (Local saves still found in same spot, this will be better in future pass)
  • Save games filter added to Replay browser


  • Performance improvements for large army battles
  • Optimization pass on weapon tasks
  • Fix for a client crash
  • Fix for a crash in weapon tasks
  • Fix for economy storage being reset on load
  • Fix for animation issues on paused factories on load
  • Fix for fog of war units losing state on load
  • Fix for Surrender not working
  • Fix for deleting commander not working
  • Fix for sim crash
  • Fix for crash in AntiWeapon code (should fix that anti-nuke not firing issue)

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