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  • Date: 25th February, 2015
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Following their announcement and roadmap earlier today, Uber have released PTE 78679 with a first pass saving feature. It’s skirmish only right now, but it’s the beginning of something beautiful. Of course, this isn’t the only thing to change, there are further balance tweaks and AI improvements.

PTE feedback should go in this thread, meanwhile any feedback on the save/load feature should go in this one.


Planetary Annihilation PTE 78679

  • Very first pass on Save/Load now in game
  • Save/Load now works with local AI Free For All skirmish
    • Currently it will not remember alliances
  • Save/Load currently does not function for Galactic War
  • Save/Load currently does not work on PlayFab games
  • Spectating won’t work after you lose a loaded game
  • The sim will freeze while saving. This could take shorter or longer depending on amount of stuff being saved
  • After loading a game, Surrender does not work, you will need to delete your commander to quit the game back to main menu.
  • You can also view save files as a replay
    • In the future this will allow you to pick a spot in chronocam and load the game there, though it is not yet functioning
  • Next passes will be adding some of the missing functionality from above


Orbital Fabricator

  • Can now only assist items that it can build.


  • Max Firing Velocity increased to 68 from 58
  • Min Firing Velocity increased to 65 from 55
  • Range increased to 115 from 105

Fighter (Hummingbird)

  • Health decreased to 150 from 200
  • Death Weapon set to air ammo instead of ground ammo

Bomber (Bumblebee)

  • Death Weapon set to air ammo instead of ground ammo

Interplanetary Fighter (Phoenix)

  • Health decreased to 200 from 300
  • Ammo Lifetime decreased to 2 from 5

Battleship (Leviathan)

  • Ammo Lifetime decreased to 4 from 10


  • Ammo Lifetime decreased to 5 from Infinite
  • Velocity increased to 500 from 400

Defense Satellite (Anchor)

  • Metal Cost increased to 2200 from 1800


  • Improvements to AI threat handling
  • Added Submarine influence for the AI
  • AI will scout smarter depending on difficulty


  • Improvement for dark side of the planet with shadows turned off
  • Upgrade to Coherent 2.5.4
  • Change Gamma display name from Delta to Gamma
  • Improvements to sim performance with large numbers of units
  • Factory build task improvements

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