PTE 77792 brings more balance changes

  • Date: 6th February, 2015
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They’re coming thick and fast. No sooner has one major balance patch come out then Uber are already hard at work on the next. And don’t forget that the implementation of save games is expected this month for single-player.

Features of this PTE include planet smashing and impact craters working properly, along with further performance, pathing and AI improvements. And changes to mine visibility. And new UI stuff. And a fix for the long-standing issue of tank commanders being a teeny bit worse than every other commander due to the way they turned.

Just read the full notes. There’s a lot of good stuff in this one. The PTE is all about giving Uber feedback, so make sure you give them your thoughts.


Tank Commanders

  • Turn In Place set to False

Unit Cannon

  • Health increased to 9000 from 3000


  • Surface and Air Radar range decreased to 400 from 600
  • Orbital Radar removed
  • Orbital Sight range increased to 500 from 300

Advanced Radar

  • Metal Cost decreased to 2400 from 4800
  • Energy Draw decreased to 4000 from 4500
  • Surface and Air Radar range decreased to 800 from 1200
  • Orbital Radar removed
  • Orbital Sight range increased to 900 from 300

Orbital Deepspace Radar

  • Orbital Sight range increased to 500 from 300

Radar Satellite (ARKYD)

  • Energy Draw increased to 700 from 300
  • Orbital Radar removed
  • Orbital Sight range increased to 600 from 100

Advanced Radar Satellite

  • Orbital Radar removed
  • Orbital Sight range increased to 1200 from 600

Ion Defense (Umbrella)

  • Surface and Air Sight range decreased to 100 from 260
  • Underwater Sight range decreased to 100 from 260
  • Orbital Sight range increased to 300 from 260
  • Orbital Range increased to 300 from 280
  • Orbital Rate of Fire increased to 2.5 from 2.0

Defense Satellite (Anchor)

  • Terrestrial Laser Range decreased to 100 from 120
  • Orbital Laser Rate of Fire decreased to 2.5 from 3.0

Orbital Laser (SXX)

  • Laser is now a Beam weapon
  • Ammo Capacity increased to 12000 from 6000
  • Ammo Per Shot increased to 12000 from 6000


  • Observable layer set to Mine from Surface and Air
  • Ignore Sight set to False
  • Mines can now only be seen by Combat Fabricators and Advanced Combat Fabricators

Combat Fabricator

  • Set Mine Sight range to 100

Advanced Combat Fabricator

  • Set Mine Sight range to 100


  • Improvements on log handling for underwater units
  • Updated AI to handle building on islands smarter
  • More improvements on AI not heading to where it knows it will be destroyed
  • Normal AI and Hard AI are now easier


  • Minor update to Anchor ground laser effect
  • Changing SXX attack to a beam


  • Fix for units getting stuck when pathed or pushed into invalid terrain.
  • Fix for units failing to path when given a move order while bordering invalid terrain.
  • Improvements on units spinning around when reaching goal
  • Improvements on units avoiding running into walls
  • Unit groups of different movement types will now try to stay together
    • Unit groups will be split based on Land, Water, and Air/Orbital movement.


  • Improvements to physics update performance
  • Improvements to Navigation performance
  • Performance work on voxels

System Editor

  • Adjustments to how landing zones are handled in the system editor
  • Changed the default minimum radius from 100 to 250
    • This only affects new planets created in the system editor


  • Added control groups, ability to sub-select within control groups
  • Added controls to select idle fabbers/factories
  • Added quick select buttons based on unit category (bot, land, air, etc.)
  • Updated unit selection display to show total units selected, and allow for sub-selection based on unit category
  • You can now confirm live game popups using the enter key
  • Mouse scrolling will now only work on the panel you are focused on


  • Fix for a SimPlanet crash
  • Tweaks on server clean up
  • Fix for an invalid replay loading issue
  • Crash fixes
  • Fixes for some Steam Achievement bugs
  • Planet smash work
    • Craters are now unpathable by naval or land (whether there is water in them or not)
    • Units will no longer float above the crater as if it were not there
    • Planets smashing into others will now kill units as they are intended to do


Thanks as ever to wondible for these.

  • SXX rate of fire cut in half (I read it as drawing more power in the build notes)
  • lifetime removed from a few projectiles, assuming it’s not too significant
  • New AI test: CanDeployLandFromBase
  • new scene: live_game_control_group_bar
  • option bar mods take note: buttons got a a new class btn_std_ix
  • new ai personality parameters: factory_build_delay_min/max
  • a bunch of new methods
  • a few new api methods for landing zone rules (min-max players in evidence)
  • common.js touched

If you get any crashes be sure to post your logs in this thread.

C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\Local\Uber Entertainment\Planetary Annihilation\log

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