Planetary Annihilation hits 1.0, the ladders are reset and PA Stats adds matchmaking

Today on their livestream Uber Entertainment announced the release of Planetary Annihilation 1.0. It’s out of early access and officially released, but this isn’t the end of the journey rather it’s just the beginning. 1.0 is just a number and Uber have continually reiterated their commitment to continuing development.

Illmaren and Pyrus have used this opportunity to reset the community ELO and Uberskill ladders, so now is your chance to be the best in the world, if only for a little while. Before the reset Illmaren gathered some stats:

Longest time place 1: PAG_Matiz
Longest time KotP: PAG_Matiz
Most Games played: aapl2 / Posidian
best W / L ( up to 150Games ): burntcustard
#1 UberSkill: Cola_Colin
#1 ELO: burntcustard

In addition, PA Stats has been updated to include matchmaking by ELO.

The search works with 50 point per minute steps, so i.e. for foerest to be matched with a newbie@1600 they both will have to be in the pool of searching players for for 11 minutes. 

If there is at most 3 minutes of search time for you till you can be matched with somebody else you’ll see the notification that someone close to your skill is searching.

If you have PA Stats installed already you’ll find this functionality on the Multiplayer screen, otherwise check our guide on how to install this essential mod.

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