Offline mode coming 9th October and there’s a new PTE

That’s right, Uber Entertainment have set a date, on the 9th October they will be releasing offline mode for Planetary Annihilation.

Online? Offline? However you want to play Planetary Annihilation, it’s your choice. Starting this week, you can take your battles completely offline.

We’re happy to announce the release of the offline server. Coming in an update this Thursday (October 9), offline server allows you to take over the galaxy in Galactic War without connecting to the Internet. You can also battle against your frenemies or the AI over a LAN.

DRM free offline play has always been an important feature of the Planetary Annihilation experience. Down the road, we’ll be adding the ability to run your own online servers as well.

As we’ve said in the past, launch is simply another phase of development and the beginning of another adventure. Look forward to another update on an exciting in-development feature in the near future.

If you’ve been promising to pledge $2 to Human Resources when Uber deliver certain game elements, it’s time to break out your wallet. And keep it open because there’s a new PTE which hits a few items on that list too. That’s right, Uber have spent two months implementing big improvements to the pathfinding system. Map editors rejoice as well because landing zone previews are now also available.

As we prepare for offline/lan servers, we have a number of new changes that could use some extra eyes on / hands on playing.

One of the most notable is a major change to our pathing system. This has been almost two months in the work, with multiple people offering their knowledge and expertise. It should have the combined impact of improving pathing reliability, performance, and enjoyability of the game. I’ll get more detailed notes out later, but that is the primary focus.

The servers are still coming online, but in the meantime, if you want to get patched up, please do! I’ll also be setting this to PTE on Steam for people who play through there!

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