We have a new stable build with 77443

Following multiple PTE releases with the community helping to test every step of the way, we now have what may be the latest and most comprehensive patch for Planetary Annihilation yet.

Introducing the interplanetary Phoenix, the Barracuda, and the stealth submarine Kraken, it’s not lacking for new content. Add to that a comprehensive revising of the balance, some extensive AI improvements, and even new and sexier art, effects and sounds, and we’ve got ourselves a pretty awesome release. And with Pelicans moved to T1 brace yourself for some epic drops.

The release notes for PTE 77398 still cover the changes in full, only one addition has been documented.

  • Fix for disconnection errors leading to no game over screen

We’ll see you on the battlefield.


Planetary Annihilation Kraken firing by  nick2k

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