Mystery Mayhem VODs are here

It’s about time, right? Quite so.

Planned prior to the launch of Titans, no one knew what the mystery was, only that it was… mysterious. Participants had little time to prepare, but everyone signed up prior to release got a free copy of this surprise requirement courtesy of Uber Entertainment. It led to some fun games where everyone was clearly trying to figure out what the heck they were doing.

If you want to see someone really struggling, check out my games on the videos page from the Titans launch livestream. Painful, painful memories.

Still, if you missed out on Mystery Mayhem then all is well because every VOD is now online. Give the page a moment to load (154 matches!) then look for the YouTube symbol, or browse the video page. As ever, it’s all spoiler free, so enjoy! If you only have time for one, then make it Match BV from round 3, which is our match of the tournament. A real nail-biter.

Of course, you know what’s better than watching the video after the fact? Watching it live! So be sure to tune in to Clash Of The TITANS this coming Saturday on the eXodus Twitch channel.

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