More updates for PA? Jables says maybe.

  • Date: 26th February, 2016
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PA Chat

It has been a bit of an open secret for a while that Uber are working on something. But what? Well just today Jables finally decided to clear the air.

“Hi. @mikeyh ‘s statement is correct. We are still working on some things. No idea what or when any of them will be released, so not talking on any details so nobody gets upset if something or possibly everything falls off the list. It’ll really depend on if it all works out the way we want or not. We’ve got a small team still doing things for PA but work is much slower than when the whole company was on it, which we just can’t afford to do anymore, as the game isn’t bringing in enough to support that.

PA is our baby, and will remain a title we will continue wanting to poke at. This may not always be doable based on income, as we do have to keep the lights on and people paid. That being said, much like SupCom before it, this will be a title that I’ll always want to come back to when/if I can, and since it’s our own IP, we won’t have someone to block us later when that becomes a possibility.

I’ve probably opened a can of worms on this one huh? Not much details. Wish I could share more, but honestly, we don’t have them to share until the ideas prove out. I’m still around, and read the forums every morning. I have moved over to more of an overseeing Uber role nowdays however, so less involved in day to day development. I’ll try to actually reply more though.”

The post can be found here.

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