Maps for the Big Bang Finals announced

It’s only a week until the Big Bang Qualifiers, the first half of the Big Bang tournament which sees 64 players competing for a prize pool of $300. Sign-ups are still open, so grab a place while you still can.

The following week sees the eight victors competing in the Big Bang Finals. The maps for this stage have now been chosen and we’re pretty excited about the selection. It represents some of the best work the community has created and even includes one from Uber. We’ve got small maps, we’ve got large maps, we’ve got multi planet, we’ve got high metal and we’ve got low metal.

Just check out these beauties:


Roc – Uber Entertainment

Big Bang Finals - Roc Big Bang Finals - Roc

The ReefAlpha2546

Big Bang Finals - The Reef

GrummanElite Sardaukar

Big Bang Finals - Grumman


Kimberlee 1v1Kimberlee

Big Bang Finals - Kimberlee 1v1 Big Bang Finals - Kimberlee 1v1

Dorne System – silenceoftheclams

Big Bang Finals - Dorne System


Big Bang Finals - Diadem


Hydrogenix facility F407 1v1Alpha2546

Big Bang Finals - Hydrogenix facility F407 1v1

Thereafter the map is chosen by the loser of the previous match.

The maps are available for download now!

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Author: Mod Type:
Discuss on the forums
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