Map Pack for Clash Of The TITANS released

With just two weeks to go until Clash Of The TITANS, our 1v1 swiss tournament with the largest prize pool yet, we’re happy to unveil the final maps drawn from some of the finest available for the game. We’ve got old favourites and a few new ones to test your skills, so use the time well to prepare because your opponents will.

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Below are my thoughts on the challenges ahead. I look forward to the games proving me horribly wrong!

Round 1 – Roc

This map by Uber Entertainment has been part of the ladder pool since the release of Planetary Annihilation TITANS and was first seen in the quarter-finals of the Big Bang Finals.

Featuring two late asteroid spawns, it primarily plays out on the main planet with orbital being a rare feature. An initially defensible looking base proves to be hard to hold, with multiple entrances providing ample opportunity for raids. Large craters between the bases mean frontal assaults can quickly turn to the defenders advantage.

Clash Of The TITANS - Roc Clash Of The TITANS - Roc Clash Of The TITANS - Roc

Round 2 – Diadem

A map by superouman seen in the Big Bang Finals, it featured heavily in the finals and may be remembered for one particularly epic game.

Don’t be deceived by its simple two path appearance, there’s a lot of opportunity for trickery. Water in the lakes can be grabbed by air, or denied by torpedo launchers. High ground on either sides of your base must be guarded jealously else you will lose access to sizable amounts of metal not only on the ledges, but also on the ground around them with Grenadiers being free to rain death down on you.

Clash Of The TITANS - Diadem Clash Of The TITANS - Diadem Clash Of The TITANS - Diadem

Round 3 – Forge

This map by Uber Entertainment is a classic which has stood the test of time. This semi-final game of Clopsey 9 is a personal favourite of mine, though this final game of Evil Twins is perhaps a more typical bit of play.

If you don’t know this map like the back of your hand then you need to ladder more as it has been a feature of the pool since the introduction of custom terrain. Featuring heavy tank play, the rush to grab the easily defensible six metal to one side has died down a little with the Drifter providing an easy way to raid this space. While an all vehicle play with limited air support has been a mainstay on Forge, some players have been experimenting with early Booms to take advantage of this.

Clash Of The TITANS - Forge Clash Of The TITANS - Forge

Round 4 – Aquarius

This map by superouman represents the first of our new entries, not seen before in tournament play.

I’m excited to see how this one plays out. There’s a great concentration of metal on a plateau between the two bases, along with smaller amounts spread out across several platforms. The sea stretches between both bases, and a strong position here also offers firing opportunities direct onto the enemy’s stronghold.

Clash Of The TITANS - Aquarius Clash Of The TITANS - Aquarius Clash Of The TITANS - Aquarius

Round 5 – Sauron

Another map by superouman also not seen in tournament play before.

As with many of his maps it has two primary routes, one which leads through a central arena with strong metal concentrations to the side. Meanwhile the back route has an easily defensible choke, but the metal sits beyond it and has two paths curving either way around a massive repository of metal accessible only by air.

Rather like with the Prof X system, I think the outcome of the battle for the air accessible metal will also determine the outcome of the game.

Clash Of The TITANS - Sauron Clash Of The TITANS - Sauron Clash Of The TITANS - Sauron

Round 6 – The Island

A map by Alpha2546 which features two asteroids accessible from the start of the game.

Most of the metal is on the land between the bases, but it’s spread out in a forest area. With terrain preventing the easy traversal of land troops from one side to the other, expect to see plenty of air raids. While the sea doesn’t have as much, it offers easy rear access to the base. Plenty of opportunities for Drifters, or just plain old coastal bombardments.

The asteroids have very little in the way of metal and I don’t expect them to feature in most games, but they do offer an opportunity to give yourself a slight economic edge should the game stalemate, and a way to end the tournament in glorious fashion.

Clash Of The TITANS - The Island Clash Of The TITANS - The Island Clash Of The TITANS - The Island

Tiebreaker – Systeem X

In case of a tie we have this final system from [RLM]Mot9001, updated by PAG_Elodea for the SuperCommander tournament series.

This is a very old school map. Very little terrain, and a spread out metal layout which will favour aggressive bot or air play. This kind of system sees a lot of back and forth and can either end very quickly, or lead to a protracted battle with both sides probing the other for weaknesses. Anyone who played Planetary Annihilation back in beta will feel very at home here.

Clash Of The TITANS - Systeem X Clash Of The TITANS - Systeem X

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