Local offline servers arrive in PTE 73687 [UPDATE: This is now live as release build 73737]

It’s the moment you’ve all been waiting for, the offline server has been released, albeit only in PTE for the time being. If you’re using the Uber launcher just choose PTE, while Steam users can opt into the PTE as a beta through the properties of Planetary Annihilation in their library.

Creating Planetary Annihilation Offline Server Game Planetary Annihilation Offline Server Settings

Additional build notes for PTE:


  • Significant changes and improvements to


  • Turned off the idle timer for local games.
  • Turns off local server when use is not “recommended”. Current threshold is 4+ cores & 8+GB memory. (Matches our Steam recommended spec.)
  • The server is 64-bit only. Due to memory restrictions and a number of other technical roadblocks, there is no 32-bit server version. (This only affects Windows, since Windows is the only platform that still supports a 32-bit client)
  • The spec that the server looks for to run locally is the same as our recommended spec – 8GB of RAM and quad core. You can override this by setting Local Server to “On”, which means it will try and use a local server for everything – except online hosted games, which still go through Uber’s online server management.

System Editor

  • Planets now look exactly the same in game as they do in the system editor.
  • Metal spot placement now looks exactly the same in game as it does in the system editor.


  • Spectator UI upgrades
  • System editor UI polish

Modders have already uncovered how to use this limited release to create locally hosted servers which are advertised to the Internet, not just the local LAN. In addition, many other discoveries are being made, such as…

Planetary Annihilation Maximum Player Limit

As with anything released into PTE, this is for testing purposes, therefore don’t be surprised if you run into issues. I tested the local offline server capabilities in a 10-way AI FFA game on the Uber system of Karachkina, which consists of one lava planet an eight moons. At the thirty minute mark the server was using 2GB RAM (in addition to the RAM used by the client), and the sim was running smoothly with no slowdowns.

A few new custom commander models have been spotted in this build as well, one of which will be making its way to the Armory.

Quadruped Twoboots CommanderRaptor Iwmiked CommanderImperial Gnugfur CommanderImperial Chronoblip Commander

UPDATE: This is now live as release build 73737.

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