Legion Expansion v0.13.0 released

It’s time for another weekly update for Legion Expansion. As memorial weekend comes to a close we’re really close to seeing the Planetary Annihilation PTE pushed to the stable branch, allowing all players access to the Legion with no hoops to jump through.

As we’re getting close to this miraculous occasion we want to get your feedback on the beta. If you can take five minutes to complete this survey we’d greatly appreciate it.

It’s a light patch this time, but it contains some important balance changes. We’re focused on trying to improve unit diversity and get away from the Enforcer spam meta we’ve seen take hold. With the health drop we’re hopeful that Monstrosities will need to be added into the mix to act as a shield for the fragile Enforcer, as well as making T2 vehicles more relevant. While we also include a nerf to the Starcannon we’re considering additional measures to make anti-orbital defences more effective against it, so stay tuned.


  • Mixed MLA/Legion armies now use a custom icon on the player list


  • Starcannon nerf:
    • Pods can now be shot down by Bluehawks, Catapults, Stingrays and Panzers
  • Decimator buff:
    • Health increased from 1500 to 2500
  • Panzer nerf:
    • Missiles can now be shot down by GIL-Es


  • Removed an invalid ammo type to prevent errors
  • Panzer no longer misses at close range
  • Legion tag no longer shown in UI in non-Legion games


The Legion Expansion relies on the latest features of Planetary Annihilation TITANS which currently are only available via the PTE. Check out this eXodus eSports article which explains what a PTE is and how to get it.

The Legion Expansion is installed from the Community Mods section of Planetary Annihilation TITANS. Simply search for “Legion” and choose to install the Legion Expansion. All required elements will be installed. AI support is included within the mod, but for enhanced AI try installing the Queller AI as well.


Check out our Legion Expansion article for all the information you need.

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