Legion Expansion v0.12.0 released

Work continues on the Planetary Annihilation: TITANS Legion Expansion with bugs being eliminated, new features being added and the balance continuing to be tweaked. The big change in this release is that players will no longer need to have the Legion Expansion installed to be able to play in a Legion Expansion game. While the recommendation is still that you install it ahead of time, the days of unaware players joining and then crashing are over.

Unfortunately the Legion Expansion is not playable in multiplayer at the moment. This is due to its reliance on features introduced in the PTE, and the absence of any PTE servers at this time. Once build 94533 or later is released to stable you will be able to play Legion online again. Until then AI skirmish remains available for use with the local server option in settings enabled.

Legion Expansion v0.12.0


  • Improved MLA selection graphics in lobby
  • In-game menu is now red when Legion UI is enabled
  • Removed blue shadows from UI elements when Legion UI is enabled
  • Novas prioritise air
  • Optimised Nova effects for performance
  • Standardised colouring of commanders on game launch splash
  • Standardised colouring of Commanders in lobby
  • Infiltrator’s probe scan effect plays more than once after deployment to more clearly show its function
  • Wraith renamed to Spectre
  • Excalibur renamed to Paladin
  • Added idle effects to the Havoc
  • Improved PA startup time when Legion is disabled through use of new companion mod feature
  • Improved Investigator description
  • Improved game logging


  • Diplomat buffed
    • Cost reduced from 50,000 metal to 40,000 to match Halley


  • Fixed build icon weapon symbols for Catfish, Bowhead and Talos
  • Fixed numerous textures being too bright
  • Adding unit card pictures for Booms spawned by Necromancers
  • Log no longer shows errors for invalid impact decal
  • Fixed placement size of basic and advanced Vehicle Foundry and the advanced Walker Foundry
  • Build bar buttons turn red when clicked not blue
  • Sub-orders from the orders bar are now also red
  • Fixed boundary and selection box of the Holocene
  • Legion lobby no longer obscures Lobby System Preview mod’s planet display
  • Slot colour now correct shade of grey after removing an AI player
  • Legion Commanders highlighted red in commander selection even if the Legion theme is disabled
  • Fixed ready button moving after being clicked
  • Starcannon pods correctly display their trail
  • Description of Kosmos now correctly states that it attacks land
  • Starcannon description no longer claims it’s a teleporter
  • Booms spawned by the Necromancer now have alt-fire
  • Purger can attack surface naval ships close to the shore
  • Fixed strategic icon warnings in log
  • Intro buttons properly sized for latest PA versions

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