Legion Expansion v0.11.0 released

The Legion Expansion adds an entirely new faction to Planetary Annihilation. That’s over a hundred new units, offering a playstyle that’s completely different from the original faction. Currently in public beta, a new version has been released.

At the moment it is not possible to use the faction in multiplayer as it’s only accessible via the PTE, and the PTE servers have been taken offline for the time being. Thankfully the PTE is expected to move to stable this week at which point you’ll be able to play it against other humans once more. Until then the AI still works, either using the built-in AI or Queller AI.

Legion Expansion v0.11.0


  • Patriots automatically place themselves at the back of formations
  • MLA Commanders now outlined in blue in the lobby to match Legion
  • Earthshaker causes smaller forest fires
  • Corsair prioritises structures (excluding walls) over mobile units
  • Rampart uses team colour for its switching off effect


  • Gustav nerfed:
    • range decreased to 500 from 550
  • Earthshaker nerfed:
    • damage reduced from 2000 to 1500
  • Comet nerfed:
    • build cost increased from 2400 metal to 2500
    • health decreased from 4000 to 2500
    • bomber tag added to ensure ground AA shoots it before fighters
  • Nova overhaul:
    • build cost increased from 90 metal to 120
    • health decreased from 180 to 120
    • causes constant damage to all enemy air units within close proximity for 20 seconds
  • Miniman buffed:
    • bomb health increased from 125 to 130
    • bomb explosion timer decreased from 3 seconds to 2.5
    • bomb splash damage decreased from 500 to 250


  • Moved Rampart to correct location on build bar
  • Fixed colour of spectators in lobby when Legion theme is active
  • Fixed colour of Legion tag in games browser
  • Stoke now uses correct weapon identifier on its factory build image
  • Corsair now uses correct weapon identifier on its factory build image
  • Investigator in radar mode no longer creates errors in the logs
  • Fixed Decimator rocket trail

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