League of Commanders: The Arena opens for sign ups


A new year means new tournaments, and in that vein eXodus eSports is proud to present League of Commanders: The Arena, a 3v3 double-elimination tournament featuring the mod League of Commanders on the 10th January 2015.

A full breakdown of the mod is available in a recent eXodus article.

Do battle using unprofessionally named commanders, each of which wields unique powers. Do you choose the Marshall with its superb vision and radar? The ZaphodX, with its improved Uber Cannon and high health? Or even the Otterfamily, with its artillery mount?

SambastiDo you know MOBAs? What rock have you been living under? In similar style to a MOBA draft – where teams take it in turns to pick champions – we will be utilising pick rotation mode. Each commander may only be chosen once, and if the other team pick it then you’re out of luck! Choose wisely and with an eye for synergy between your team’s commanders’ abilities.
To play just find two people to team up with and sign up under the same team name and you’re in! Can’t find two other people? Post in this thread, others will be looking as well.

The set of systems to be used in this event will be made available on January 5, but your teams should start practicing as soon as possible on whatever systems you already have!

There are three commander codes up for grabs courtesy of Uber Entertainment, one for each member of the winning team. These are Shadowdaemon, Spiderofmean, and Gambitdfa. These three skins unlock Otterfamily, PRoeleert, and Sambasti, respectively. Both the first and second place teams will secure the right to name a commander ability in the mod.

To participate you will need both the server and UI mods. See below for download links.

Featuring casting from WPMarshall and Captain Conundrum (author of the mod), we hope to see you in January for what we are sure will be a thrilling tournament, full of exciting games and unintended cock-ups. Help us usher in the new year in style.

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