Ladder reset incoming with new build to follow [UPDATE: Build 75539 is live!]


Jables has announced that the ladder is being reset today, with a new build following shortly after. This build contains some small balance tweaks, a number of significant AI improvements, and the new system editor which allows for some pretty crazy planets.


  • You are now able to chat after games, even in chronocam mode
  • Added in backer names on more commanders in the Armory
  • More backer names are now in for planets and Galactic War credits
  • Nukes now have a specific effect if they happen in space
  • Jigs have a new custom explosion effect


  • Jigs now explode in a nuke sized explosion (drag select will space these to be safe, but you can hand place them closer if you feel lucky)
  • Change to Dox vision from 150 to 100
  • Commander torpedoes rate of fire reduced from 2.0 per second to 1.0 per second
  • Commander torpedoes range reduced from 200 to 160
  • Dox will now correctly fire on factories
  • Nuke damage will now expand out to match the effect


  • Leaderboards are now online (found under Multiplayer off the main menu)
  • Players can watch the last replay of the top 10 of each rank in the Leaderboards
  • 3 new custom made 1v1 planets for Ranked play, to replace the old pool
  • You can no longer pause in ranked games
  • Disconnecting in a ranked game now pauses it and gives the disconnected player 180 seconds to reconnect before they forfeit
  • Penalties are now handled better when a player leaves a ranked lobby
  • A player has 30 seconds to show up for a ranked lobby before the game is abandoned
  • A player disconnecting from a ranked lobby now immediately abandons the game (and applies a penalty to the abandoning player, like before)
  • Players are now notified when they have a match and are tabbed away (flashing icon and sound)
  • A new and louder sound now plays when you find a match.

System Designer

  • We’ve implemented symmetrical planet creation
  • You can now edit CSGs (move, add, delete, copy, paste, rotate, raise, and lower them)
  • You can now custom place or remove metal spots
  • All System Editor hotkeys can be found under settings and changed if you like
  • Orbiting bodies are not allowed to be more massive than what they are orbiting (currently placeholder fix, will move the orbiting planet to orbit the sun if you move mass above parent planet’s)


  • Lots of small changes to bring more continuity through the UI
  • When first entering game, we have a bar added to give new players an idea of the initial controls
  • Top 3 players from the Leaderboard are now listed on main menu along with their last replay
  • The message telling you that your opponent abandoned the ranked lobby will no longer disappear after 5 seconds.


  • Now uses Gas Giants
  • Neural net tweaks
  • Will now build Annihilaser
  • Better handling of platoons
  • All known issues of AI getting stuck now fixed
  • Added a large set of new AI names
  • Now better performance in the late game due to smarter pathing choices

Bug Fixes

  • Changing economy after everyone has clicked ready will unready everyone
  • Your rank changes will now immediately update after a match
  • Replaced the messed up “5” in the font
  • Landing zone low rez circles now removed
  • Straight line graphics bug when you look up through atmosphere into space is now fixed
  • Linux should now correctly load all translated locales
  • You should now be able to see the quit confirmation even if the game is paused
  • Nukes and commander explosion damage should now better match the visual effect
  • Fixed some of the instances of jerky movement
  • Orbital Fabbers will now correctly build on planets other than their current planet
  • Fixed failing to detect that the planet we are orbiting (while attempting to move somewhere else) was destroyed
  • Cracks touching water will once again fill with water
  • Commander AA now prioritizes air correctly
  • You should no longer be incorrectly prompted to reconnect to an old game
  • Attempting to requeue after playing matchmaking should no longer prompt you to reconnect to the game you just played
  • Connecting to a matchmaking game should be more reliable


  • New Commander: Berlinetta


  • New Commander: Banditks


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