Ladder inactivity now 14 days

One of the questions asked in today’s Ask Jables 3 Questions was regarding updates to the Planetary Annihilation ladder

PRoeleert: will you guys do improvements to the ranking system in near future? Revise timeouts / let people see full rankings?

jables:  we have designs for making it more robust, but i don’t think you’ll see it in the next few months, as the guy working on that is buried in other items currently 🙁

This led to a further discussion of the ladder and the best way to encourage play, a subject I have covered in some depth. A suggestion was made to increase the inactivity  period from seven to fourteen days. Jables popped away, and by the time he returned it had been done through the power of Uber engineering magic.

Planetary Annihilation PA Chat Ask Jables 3 Questions

So, enjoy a little more flexibility in your requirement to play on the ladder before you disappear.

If you want to participate in the daily jables question time then just pop in to PA Chat sometime between 17:00 and 20:00 UTC. PA Chat has been updated. Courtesy of mikeyh:

  • single listing in rooms for multiple logins (PA / PALOBBY, etc)
  • 1v1 rank league images fade over time once you go inactive
  • web icon for people logged in outside of PA
  • revised help system:
    • shows only commands available to current user
    • specific help for PA vs PA Lobby
  • rank and web status in friends list
  • right click to clear red mention when minimised
  • improved command error messages
  • major refactor of internals

To Do:

  • (re)join buttons when room is closed (I still misspell halcyon at least once a week)
  • /setcolor and /resetcolors
  • /leftalign
  • show last ranked match info
  • uber session timeout handling
  • title bar command links when space available eg /help or /live
  • fix ghost tooltips when user list updates
  • enable friend requests when logged into PA Lobby
  • html help (maybe)

After some more testing the PA Chat code will be ready to split out of PA Stats into a separate client mod that will share identical code with PA Lobby.

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