King of the Planet 12 is over and VODs are up

It was our first time running a stream on hitbox rather than Twitch, so thanks to everyone who turned up and helped bring in new people. For a short while we had pride of place on the hitbox frontpage.

Planetary Annihilation King of the Planet hitbox frontpage

New viewers joined us for a King of the Planet which showed just some of the wide range of different ways Planetary Annihilation can be played:

  • Game 1 saw mass Dox and lots of static defence. It was a slower game with the players feeling out one another and a call back to late gamma.
  • Game 2 showed us rushing versus build up as bots took on vehicles.
  • Game 3 was just a wild ride with an unexpected start leading to an even more unexpected plan.
  • Game 4 was a custom map we hadn’t seen before styled after Starcraft 2 with some very defensible chokes and heavily clustered metal.
  • Game 5 was all about economy management and when it’s appropriate to move to tier 2.

All-in-all it was a series that had a little of everything. And with commentary from me, WPMarshall, PAG_Matiz and PAG_Clopse, along with interviews with both yaegz and elodea, you get all the insight into Planetary Annihilation you could ever want. Until next time.

And if you want to know the winner, well then just click the spoiler below. You really should watch the videos though.

Congratulations to PAG_elodea who took this King of the Planet in a clean 5-0 sweep. The first game was a close one, but soon elodea found his stride and was showing us just why he’s the King of the Planet. Every game saw a new strategy from him and yaegz just never had an answer.

During the event yaegz announced that he will be stepping back from Planetary Annihilation. We’re sad to lose a player of his calibre and hope he will find time to rejoin us in the future. Until then, all the best yaegz.

If you want to pick up some of the custom maps used then head over to this topic to download them. The others are available on System Sharing.

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