Introducing Team Genesis and the Genesis Device Mod for making Planetary Annihilation maps

  • Date: 13th October, 2014
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Team Genesis - Planetary Annihilation maps and systemsHello everyone,

Today we are happy to introduce Team Genesis. We are a group of map designers and skilled players dedicated to producing Planetary Annihilation maps – and not just any kind of map. We focus on designing innovative, unique and different kinds of maps for tournaments and other events. We do our best to ensure that they have  fair metal and spawn distributions. Beyond making maps, Genesis also works to provide players with new content whenever they go compete in a tournament, or watch some of the community-based events.

Although our team was originaly created by eXodus eSports, our team aims to include any community member that has shown a talent for making or testing maps. We are open to helping any Planetary Annihilation event or tournament by providing high quality maps on request. If you are interested in hosting your own tournament or event and need some help in the map-making art, feel free to contact us, we will provide you with any assistance we can.

Team Genesis Members

Making Planetary Annihilation Maps With The Genesis Device

Genesis Device

The Genesis Device is an advanced mod for Planetary Annihilation system designing. It allows you to build more accurate ellipses in the Planetary Annihilation System Designer by enabling the use of the Polar Coordinate System instead of the old X&Y Cartesian Coordinate System.

When the mod is successfully installed and activated, a new “Ellipse Generator” tab should appear when selecting any planet in the System Designer. You can find the Genesis Device mod on the PA Mod Manager.

Read more about how to use our Genesis Device mod to make beautiful elliptical orbits in the System Designer in our new guide, Introducing The Genesis Device: Advanced System Editor Tools.