Hotfix build 79600 is live!

Coming out of PTE is the latest release patch, bringing with it a wealth of bug fixes, as well as some AI improvements including a much requested one in regards to Pacific.

If you had switched to PTE then it’s time to switch back to stable as all the fixes have arrived. And remember, if you encounter any problems, turn off your mods and try again.

All feedback should be submitted in this thread.


Air death weapon

  • Radius decreased to 0.75 from 1.5

Gunboat (Piranha)

  • Will no longer attempt to fire at units on the sea floor


  • Improvements on neural network for AI


  • Fix for uneven starting metal on pacific


  • Fix for performance hit when doing planet wide patrol
  • Fix for metal spots being unbuildable
  • Fixed AI nuke crash
  • Fixed crash for save/load
  • Fix for nav crash
  • Fix for spectators being able to pause the games
  • Removed Galactic War Save button until it is functional
  • Fix for units not attacking sometimes
  • Fix for platoon crash

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