Hotfix 86765 has arrived

Been subject to any nagging issues following the release of TITANS? Well there’s a hotfix out now to resolve those report by players to Uber. It also has some small AI updates, and a few balance tweaks including a nerf to the Squall.

If you’re running the PTE, well you don’t need to any more as stable is now the most up-to-date branch. The official thread for this update can be found here for TITANS and here for Classic.


Solar Drone (Icarus)

  • Underwater Vision decreased to 50 from 500

Nuke Tank (Manhattan)

  • Armor Damage Orbital increased to 0.33 from 0.0
  • Armor Damage Commander set to 0.33

Drone Carrier (Typhoon)

  • Ammo Demand decreased to 15 from 30

Missile Drone (Squall)

  • Metal Cost increased to 90 from 30 (Only will affect repair speed)
  • Health Regen decreased to -3 from -1
  • Acceleration decreased to 80 from 90
  • Move Speed decreased to 80 from 90
  • Turn Speed decreased to 240 from 270


  • Updated Classic land neural net data.
  • Titans land neural net update
  • Titans air neural net update

Galactic War

  • Galactic War Titan cards will now properly interact with the orbital and air titan, and will not show up in Classic PA


  • Fix for crash when loading a save or resuming a game where an entity spawned and died on the same tick.
  • Fix for a crash in closestPointPlane
  • Fix for a crash caused by units trying to initialize a celestial move task after their planet has been blown up but before the unit has been destroyed.
  • When launching PA Classic on Steam when you own TITANS, the Quit & Install / Quit & Launch buttons on the popup now initiate the install or launch for you.
  • Fix for AI crash on shutdown in the interplanetary request system
  • Fix for a crash in BuildTask
  • Fix for a crash when loading a save with a unit with a celestial body and no order.
  • Fix for a crash when SimWeapon is verifying index in one place and not in another
  • Make main.css rules a little more specific
  • Fix some cursors on certain Linux drivers
  • Sim units no longer kill the server if spawned with an invalid spec id.
  • Shut down empty load_save servers.
  • Set +x bit on published Linux files that need it. Fixes the Linux download not working out of the box
  • Fix default parameters to panel.move.
  • Fix for boolean inversion in the build task when creating the unit.
  • Added a ‘no-gpu’ option to the panel api. This allows us to reduce the number of processes and interacting with the gpu. Enabling software-ui has been know to solve certain ui crashes, and this offers a more balanced solution.
  • Titans should no longer teleport
  • Never automatically set particle data format as PositionWithAlpha. The format is almost never used, and when it is it’s usually by mistake and causes something to break.
  • Events for enemy units will no longer be treated as your events. This bug was most noticeable with the idle fabber/factory widget

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    Looks like a good start on nerfing the carrier, but I think optimal use of that unit will still be to give it an attack order on wreckage.

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