First pass saves coming to PTE today

In a post on the Uber forums, forestthewoods has laid out the plans for save games which will be landing in today’s PTE release. Want to help test it (along with the latest balance changes)? Then check out our guide to installing a Planetary Annihilation PTE.

“Hey guys,

We’re releasing a major new Public Test Environment build tomorrow. It will bring to you, at long last, save/load. Woohoo! I’ve been working pretty hard on it for a little while now.

I also want to set expectations for y’all. What works, what doesn’t, what will work soon, what won’t work until later, what won’t work for awhile, etc. First, a hugely important disclaimer.

There Will Be Crashes.

We are releasing this feature in an earlier state than most PTE features. This means that sometimes your save file will be broken and not work. Your game will crash when you try to load it. Again I say, there *will* be crashes. That’s why were releasing this build. To detect and fix those crashes. If you aren’t prepared for your save files to not work then you should hold off on this Public Test Environment release.

There Will Be Gameplay Bugs

A lot of code had to be updated to support save/load. I probably broke some gameplay systems on accident. Even if you didn’t perform a save and load. Sorry. :( That’s what this PTE is all about. Identifying and eradicating bugs. Be prepared.

This is Limited Save/Load Support

With this release there is only one support use case – local AI skirmish. Galatic War is not supported. Multiplayer is not supported. PlayFab hosted games not supported. The one and only thing that is supported is local AI Skirmish. Anything else is not supported at this time.


First and foremost, crash fixes. They will happen. We will fix them. It’s largely on a case by case basis.

After crash fixes, PlayFab support. This will give us two cases. Local games loaded locally. PlayFab games loaded on PlayFab. This will happen asap to let us more easily download and debug crashing save files.

PlayFab games loaded locally will happen down the road. It just requires a way to download the save file. That’s easy, but also lower priority that crashes.

Local games loaded on PlayFab is further down the road. It just requires uploading save files, but save files are full replays so they are quite large. Many users have slow upload. This is much lower priority than several things.

Galactic War support is extremely high priority. AI Skirmish support is a strict subset of Galactic War. Our goal is to focus on AI Skirmish until it’s rock solid. Once solid we will then focus on Galactic War. It’s not a huge amount of work but we have to take things one step at a time.


There is no promise of backwards compatibility for any PTE save file. While we fix issues and implement new features we may choose to make breaking changes to save files at ANY time. Save files are not promised to work across different versions of the game until the build leaves the Public Test Environment. This will happen at least a few times. Be prepared.

We hope to limit breaking changes within PTE. Once save/load is officially released the save game files will work across updates. Backwards compatibility is *super* important to us because we want to continue to making regular updates. But that’s only once the feature graduates from PTE.

Resume from Replay

A major requested feature for save/load is the ability to resume from the middle of a replay. This is *NOT* supported at this time. I am not comfortable making any type of statement as to when it might be available.

Bug Reports

Please please please report any and all bugs to this thread. I’ll be monitoring this thread closely. Lets keep everything in one place.

If you would like to upload your replay file (both SAVE_NAME.par.gz *and* somewhere, such as dropbox, that would be immensely appreciated. Especially for insta-crashes. If the bug can be easily reproduced then uploading your replay file isn’t necessary.

Thanks everyone.


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