It’s the final countdown for Human Resources – help the apocalypse happen! [UPDATED]


Anyone who has been following the Human Resources Kickstarter will know that it has gotten off to a slow start and there has been a lot of negativity flying around regarding the timing of the Kickstarter and general communication from Uber. I’m sure you also know that Director of Production for PA – jables – has been making a big difference on this front and that the updates for Planetary Annihilation are now coming in thick and fast, with the competitive update arriving shortly.

So this weekend Uber are making one last all or nothing push. If they can get the average funding to $50,000 a day then the project has a future, otherwise it will sadly be cancelled. If this is a game you’re interested in then now is the time to pledge. If you’ve already pledged then check out the updates to the reward tiers, and be sure to spread the word; put the trailer out on your forums, Twitter, Facebook and Google+. Raise awareness and do your bit to save this amazing looking project. Here are some good images and GIFs to help.

UPDATE: There has been a surge of funding and according to update eight Uber are going to continue the Kickstarter. But keep spreading the word!

Human Resources Trending Graph

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