eXodus eSports COMMUNITY CUP

You asked for open events, and we heard you! On Saturday, May 24th, we’ll be hosting the Community Cup, an event open to those who weren’t given the opportunity to compete in the Supernova Showdown.

Join us for amazing matches, even more amazing giveaways, and some of the most fun you could possibly ever have on a weekend. We’ll be running two streams with some of the most well known casters in Planetary Annihilation, including ZaphodX, WPMarshall, TheSambasti, and more. Compete for prizes including PA keys for your friends, or watch live as the competitive meta develops on PA’s most recent patch!

See the official tournament page for rules and stream links, or just check back here on tournament day.
Sign-ups will close the day before the event, so don’t leave it too long!

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