Evil Twins, from qualifiers to Finals. Also King of the Planet and Rainbow Racers.

30 players fought 36 matches over the course of 5.5 hours. It was long, it was bloody, but at the end a single victor emerged in the Evil Twins Qualifiers.

Our thanks go out to our casters, the players, and of course to all of you who joined us for this marathon event. We witnessed a lot of very close, hard fought games which really went down to the wire. We saw cautious play, we saw bot spam, we saw tech rushes and we saw orbital. There was never a dull moment, and even though Twitch’s chat decided to randomly not send messages (while giving the appearance that it had) you persevered and stuck with us. Thank you.

It’s not over yet though, the victor of the qualifiers joins seven others in the Evil Twins Finals. This will be a true clash of the best, with both the quarter-finals and semi-finals being best-of-three, ending in a best-of-five final. We can’t wait and we hope you’ll join us again.

And a little further down the schedule is our newly announced King of the Planet 12. This is a confrontation we know a lot of you have wanted to see, so check out the fantastic trailer and make the 28th March 15:00 UTC is in your diary.

Finally, following on straight after King of the Planet 12 finishes is the Rainbow Racers Grand Prix, a tournament open to teams of three for the Rainbow Racers mod. It’s PA, but driving cars around wacky race tracks!

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