Epic action kickstarts Clan Wars season 1

Clan Wars The Realm vs. PA Gods background

Yesterday the oldest and largest of the Planetary Annihilation clans, The Realm, faced off against a clan which only recruits from the top ten – PA Gods. It was always destined to be an epic confrontation, but proved to be one which pushed the game to its very limits. A clash of philosophies ensued, with PA Gods plotting four 1v1s on homogeneous moons, while The Realm had a far more diverse home system and a plan which relied on strong teamwork and outthinking their opponents.

PA Gods went in the favourites but it was The Realm who emerged victorious, grabbing four of the six possible points and taking an early lead in the league.

For those of you who weren’t able to join us to watch it live, the VODs are already being added to the Clan Wars match pages.

But we’re not stopping there, we have a long season ahead of us and plenty more games to come. On the 27th September Team Burning will face Promethean, and on the 11th October it is the turn of newcomers The Cult to tackle Voices of War. Keep checking back for more information and we hope to have you with us, watching the games and interviews as they happen.

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